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About the Class:

Kannada Kali, a volunteer run program, has been consistently offered at HTCS classrooms every year since 2004. Classes run Sep thru June following the school schedule for breaks during Thanksgiving & Christmas. Annual evaluations will be held at the end of the academic year around the months of May and June.

Syllabus & Levels:

We have 4 classes covering 10 levels and a preschool class catering to our young kids. The 10 leves are - malaprabha, ghaTapracha, tungabadra, bhilma, lroShNa, arkAvati, kabini, shimSha, kAvEri & SharAVati.


Festival celebrations, summer picnic & holiday get-togethers.

Class Timing:

Sundays, 5 pm - 6 pm EST

Age requirement:

4+ Years

Contact Information:

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